Me, Me, & Me

I look 12 in this picture but I turn 17 on March 14. My name is Ericka, yes spelled with a “c and k” and normally people misspell it or ask me “is it with a k or a c?” and I’m like “Both!”. Yeah, I’ve gotten accustomed to their surprised look. Anyways, I am a high school junior at a high school in South Texas. You might be thinking “oh she lives in the San Antonio area”. Well no. Further south than that. About 3 miles from the border to visit Mexico.

I have been wanting to start a blog but i always come up with an excuse. My main excuse is school. My high school is not a normal high school. It is an hour away from my house and it is an academy that stresses kids with 5 hours of homework; but oh well that’s technically our school system. Right now I’m writing this at 11:30 p.m on a Friday, procrastinating on all the homework I have to do. I am a straight- A student (probably one B but that’s another story), and no I don’t say it to be a bragger or an egotistical  person, I’m saying it so you can get to know me. When you want straight A’s every minute of your life is precious. So I try my best to manage my time to write here, be creative, and simply enjoy life.

Here there are going be stories. Stories about my life as a student, teenager, sister, daughter, and friend. You’ll get bored sometimes or you’ll get intrigued to listen. Though, I don’t care about the size of the audience. I care about the story I tell and the message I trigger.


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